And All Things Will End

Good Guy, Bad Guy

PCs enter the Church of Iomeda and begin beating the crap out of all their followers, when they surrender the remaining prisoners are bound and sealed off in a room.

The Collector party battles the remaining people while the crew faces off against the Herald, the Oracle, and the Vanguard. Bowowuh is lost in the fight due to Besh’s excessive fireballing and enemy overrun. They go down like chumps, but not before the Herald convinces Domatai to turn on his friends. Domatai almost kills Garret Von Buttsniffer but Teddy lays down an antimagic field before shit gets real. A clever plan by Arradon “frees” Domatai from his compulsion.

The God Spark possesses Theodore and the party working for the Collectors goes back to report it

Besh gets into a screaming match with Defiance, Defiance draws steel then Arradon puts her down (non-lethal like) and heals Besh. The crew loots then stumbles into the captive soulless who were being held because, according to their jailer, the Herald actually does have the ability to return souls it just takes a long while.

Crew finds the book detailing the ritual but it’s half ruined. Poe absorbs the Herald’s holy symbol granting Arradon the Celestial template. Poe attempts to contact Iomede to find out that she’s listening but can’t get through and suggests they head to a temple of Pelor built by one of the legendary heroes where an observatory exists that can see into the stars.

Crew returns Lady Bartel’s son to her (session ended at that point) and reports the church’s activities to the guard along with him.



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