And All Things Will End

All Good Things

PCs meet up when Besh is pursued by a local militia group and defeat them easily while sparing the leader (who comes back in the second game, but decide to leave the PCs alone after seeing they easily overcame a 5 headed hydra)

PCs find a bounty for a hyrda and decide to pursue it after getting hired on as a caravan escort by a Tauben caravan, the leader of which is supposedly Tauben’s daughter

PCs start in the city of Jake where the price of metal items is at market value. PCs are traveling to elven city _______________ where natural made good (non-metal) are at 50% market value (in part because of abundant resources, but also because they’re selling as much as they can to buy metal arms for the oncoming army assault)

Besh, Dom and Arradon spend a little time getting to know one another and Besh springs for them all to stay in a nice hotel room since they helped fend off her attackers

Dom is completing a spiritual journey at the behest of his master to experience the world, wherever that might take him, and had a vision foretelling the partnership of his new found friends

Besh sneaks from town to town breaking into forges and using them to craft at night but always leaves them in better condition than when she arrived but had previously not committed any major thefts



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