And All Things Will End

A Heavy Cost

Battle commenced, both sides took heavy losses and Hitopia was ultimately destroyed

Declor sent ground troops using air as support, ground troops suffered almost complete casualties (Frenzied Beserker from b-story was among the ranks)

PCs went after flagship after Poe sensed the presence of some part of Arradon’s soul, they encountered another version of him which appeared to be twisted and evil

PCs managed to kill everyone aboard the ship, but Re’Ell Sul’Tien escaped by jumping over the rail

PCs managed to rig up a toe for the airship after looting Hitopia for supplies and captured a handful of goblin workers (Bodgers mostly) aboard the airship

PCs managed to engage in an epic ship-to-ship combat with the airship pursuing Hitopian refugees and destroyed the ship with zero collateral damage

PCs traveled to Jake to move some items, were confronted by a group representing a mysterious organization known as The Collective who has ties with all countries

From there, PCs escorted Courtessa to Athlanthar (surrounded in a giant Adamantine dome, 50gp to get in, prices are 150% on all items)

Samurai found Courtessa to be less than genuine in her goodbyes (soulless possibly?) when they parted ways, dropping her off at a druid redoubt within the city with the Artifact

PCs purchased magic items, Besh finished CRAFTING ALL THE THINGS!



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