Stunt Awards


To reward PCs with a tier based system for excellent ideas and descriptions


+1 for decent description

+2 for excellent description

+3 for superior description


1d2 for decent description

1d4 for excellent description

1d6 for superior description

“Plot Point” System

Each cool idea awards the PCs 1 or more “plot points” which they can then spend later in the game. The effects vary with the amount of points spent.

Add to rolls: Can spend 1 point / d2 (2 pts d4, 3 pts d6, etc) to add to any roll before the die is cast

Add to results: Can increase a die roll result by 1 per point spent after the roll

Story changes: Can make narrative changes to the story, a value for which is assigned by the GM

Shrug it off: roll a d2 / 1 point spent (2 pts d4, 3 pts d6, etc) and negate that many points of damage from an attack

Regain spell: By paying a number of points equal to the spell level, the PC may spontaneously recover a spell

Regain class feature: By paying a number of points equal to the minimum level required to obtain a class feature, a PC may restore one use of that class feature for the day

PCs may not keep more than their level / 2 points between games

PCs may pool all remaining points at the end of the game and split their level x points x 100 XP between all players present

Possible top tier Rewards

1/session spontaneous recover one class feature

1/session gain CL x 100 XP.

Stunt Awards

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