New Gun Tech

Built as a compatible system with the existing advanced firearms rules to create more advanced features via Craft (Mechanika).

Rifle Modifications

Magazine Modifications
Magazine modifications change how bullets are fired from a rifle.

Fast-Blast Cartridge Storage
This upgrade changes the firing mechanism to a miniature rune and steam pressurized system which cycles out bullet casings of metal cartridges after they’re fired through a chamber called an “action” and automatically loads the next cartridge. The rifle barrel itself is hollowed out and can be loaded with up to 6 metal cartridges. Reloading a Fast-Blast Cartridge Storage rifle requires a full round action for 3 metal cartridges. A character with the Rapid Reload feat can reload 3 metal cartridges as a move equivalent action. Fast-Blast Cartridge Storage can only fire metal cartridges and can only be applied to rifles during creation. Cost: +2,000gp Difficulty: 20

Fast-Blast Automatic Loader
This upgrade alters the firing mechanism which allows the gun to fire “magazines” of metal cartridges. Each magazine typically holds 12 shots and requires only a move action to reload, assuming another magazine is readily available on the character’s person (such as on a bandoleer or belt). A character with the Rapid Reload feat can reload a Fast-Blast Automatic Loader as a swift action. The maximum rate of fire for a Fast-Blast Automatic Loader rifle is determined by the character’s base attack bonus. A standard “clip” of 12 bullets costs 180gp while an “extended” clip of 18 bullets costs 270gp. Purchased magazines are reusable but have to be manually reloaded with metal cartridges. The Fast-Blast Automatic Loader rifle modification can only be applied while creating the rifle and fires metal cartridges only. Cost: +2,500gp Difficulty: 25

Lenscope Modifications
A lenscope is a miniaturized spyglass that can be mounted atop the rifle. Most lenscopes contain dials which adjust the lenses contained within the lenscope depending on the range of the aimed target.

Standard Lenscope
A standard lenscope lens system which contains multiple lenses on a pivoting runeplate which can be adjusted manually via dials aside the lenscope. Attaching a lenscope to a rifle is a move equivalent action. Using the lenscope allows the user to aim and fire a single shot as a full round action. The lenscope can also be manually adjusted for maximum accuracy by using the knobs to adjust the lenses within the lenscope with a full round action. Once done, the shooter lessens the range increment penalties by 1 for the range increment the scope was adjusted for. The lenscope confers this bonus until the target moves into a different range increment from the shooter. Cost: 500gp Difficulty: 20

Barrel Modifications
Barrel modifications directly influence the bullet fired from the metal cartridge and typically involve runeplates being inscribed into or attached to the barrel of the rifle.

Grooved Barrel Acceleration
By boring the inside of the rifle barrel with grooves and attaching a runeplate to the outside of the barrel, the bullet can be made to spin and accelerate faster down the barrel which provides range boost for the shooter. Grooved barrels come in three different categories: simple, advanced, precise. Simple grooving grants an additional 10 ft to the base range of the rifle, advanced grooving grants an additional 20 ft to the rifle’s base range, and precise grooving grants an additional 40 ft to the rifle’s base range. Cost: 500gp (simple) 1,000gp (advanced) 2,000gp (precise) Difficulty: 10 (simple) 15 (advanced) or 25 (precise)

New Gun Tech

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