Arradon Gear

Hardness: 20 (Seristeel) + 10 (Crystal) + 10 (Enhancement) x 2 (Impervious) = 80 Hardness
Hit Points: 40 (Seristeel) + 50 (Enhancement) + x 2 (Impervious) = 180 hp
Poe – Ranged Form (+5 Distance Force Seeking Rifle)
2 Handed Rifle – 3d6/x4 – 240 ft. – 6 lbs – Force

  • +5 to hit and damage.
  • Deals force damage.
  • Ignores miss chance if square can be aimed at.
  • Doubles range of weapon.

Poe – Melee Form (+5 Keen Impact Spellstoring Agile Cleft Elven Curveblade)
2 Handed Melee Weapon – 3d8/13-20×2 – 7lbs – S – +2 CMD vs Sunder

  • +5 to hit and damage
  • Doubles Crit range
  • Deal damage as if one size category larger, Bull Rush gains bonus equal to Enhancement mod
  • Can store a spell of up to 3rd level which can be cast as a Free on a successful attack
  • Use Dexterity in place of Strength for damage

Dueling (+14,000), Impervious (+3,000gp), Sizing (+5,000gp)

  • If Weapon Finesse, +4 Init and +2 Feint/Disarm, +2 CMD vs Disarm
  • Cannot rust/rot/decay, double hp/hardness
  • Changes size on command (swift)

Least Crystal of Lifedrinking (400gp)
Heal 1 point of damage when damage is dealt to a living creature, max 10 points per day

Lesser Crystal of Oni Slaying (3,000gp)
Overcome Oni DR/Regen, additional 1d6 damage

Greater Crystal of Adamant Weaponry (3,400gp)
Weapon hardness increases by 10

+5 Mithral Buckler (26,005gp)

Face – All Seeing Eyes (420,900gp)
Truesight Goggles (184,800gp), Eyes of the Dragon (110,000gp), Lens of Detection (3,500gp), Deathwatch Eyes (2,000gp), Arachnid Eyes (15,000gp), Goggles of Elven Kind (8,500gp), Treasure Hunter’s Goggles (6,400gp), Lens of Figment Piercing (12,000gp)

  • Continual true seeing
  • Low-light vision, Darkvision 120 ft, Blindsense 60 ft., x4 in dim light, x2 in good light
  • +5 comp bonus on perception checks
  • +5 comp bonus on Survival checks while tracking
  • Continual Deathwatch
  • Gain all-around vision
  • Doubles low-light vision range, +5 Comp on Spellcraft to identify auras
  • Detect secret doors at will, 1/day locate object on 100 coins, 3/day Identify
  • Immediately make save vs illusion without interacting, if fail +4 to save if interacting

Head – Crown of Infinite Facets (50,700gp)
Jingasa of the Fortunate Soldier (5,000gp), Miser’s Mask (3,000gp), Hat of Disguise (1,800gp), Buffering Cap (2,000gp), Grappler’s Mask (5,000gp), Veil of Fleeting Glances (9,000gp), Cap of the Free Thinker (12,000gp)

  • +1 luck bonus to AC
  • 1/day negate extra damage from crit or sneak as an immediate action
  • Scent but with coins and gems, +5 comp bonus to Appraise checks for values of gems
  • 1/day convert extra damage from crit into nonlethal
  • Bull Rush and Grapple without provoking
  • 50% chance to avoid gaze atk even when not averting, on avert roll twice, +4 Cir on saves vs visual effects
  • Roll twice and take better save on mind-effecting effects

Headband – Absolute Focus Band (174,000gp)
Headband of Mental Superiority +6 (144,000gp), Headband of Counterspelling (20,000gp)

  • +6 to all mental skills bonus which becomes permanent after 24 hours, skills are Appraise, Sense Motive and Use Magic Device
  • +5 Spellcraft to identify spells, 1/day counterspell as an immediate action.

Neck – Battle Mage’s Survival (130,850gp)
Empower Spell Shard – 2nd (3,000gp), Natural Armor +5 (50,000gp), Adaptation (9,000gp), Amulet of Hidden Strength (9,000gp), Brooch of Shielding (1,500gp), Peripat of Wound Closure (15,000gp), Hand of Glory (8,000gp), Stormlure (5,400gp), Swarmbane Clasp (3,000gp)

  • Attuned spell of 2nd level is empowered when this magic item is incorporated
  • +5 Enhancement bonus to natural armor
  • Immune to all vapors and gases, breathe under any circumstances
  • 1/day, make 1 atk at highest bonus as a swift action
  • Absorbs 101 pts of magic missile damage then becomes innert
  • Auto stabilize, double normal healing rate, ignore bleeding, heals wound that normally can’t heal
  • Wear 1 additional ring, use daylight/see invisibility once per day
  • 1/day for 1 min, 50% miss from ranged attacks (including guns/rays), 1/duration lightning as swift
  • Weapons and unarmed attacks deal normal damage to swarms, auto succeed on save vs distraction

Scarf of the Air Marshall (+6) (3,600gp)
+6 Competence bonus on Profession (Sailor) checks

Earring of Alchemy (+10) (10,000gp)
+10 Competence bonus on Craft (Alchemy) checks

Body – Jacket of Absolute Power (362,950gp)
Adhesive Benevolent Creeping Determination Etherealness Glamered Radiant Greater Shadow +5 Gunman’s Duster (197,950gp), Bodywrap of Mighty Fists +5 (75,000gp), Cassock of the Clergy (4,600gp), Monk’s Robe (13,000gp), Corset of the Vishanya (3,000gp), Robe of Blending (8,400gp), Robe of Infinite Twine (1,000gp), Robe of Components (5,000gp)

  • +9 Armor Bonus
  • +2 Luck bonus vs Firearms attacks, 1 additional point of grit, Dodge deed’s AC bonus increases by +1
  • Hands/Feet sticky for up to 10 rnds / day (+2 CMB when applicable, climb speed 20 ft)
  • Adds AC mod to bonus provided by aid another to ally’s AC
  • 1/day gain bonus to Stealth check equal to armor’s enhancement modifier for 1 min
  • 1/day when reduced below 0 hp provides breath of life
  • Become Ethereal once per day for any time frame
  • Armor appears as normal clothing
  • Gives off torchlight on command & can brighten to Daylight for 1 hour 1/day
  • +15 comp bonus on stealth checks
  • 4 times per round (16 BAB), grant Enh bonus to unarmed strikes
  • Holy Symbol, +3 comp Cha-based on align = self/deity, bless/sanctuary(11) 1/day, +1 orison/day
  • AC and unarmed of 5th lvl monk (no Wis to AC)
  • 10 rnds per day use Squeeze (per spell), +5 Escape Artist checks while doing so
  • Alter self 1/day for 1 hr, speak/understand languages
  • Produces 30 ft. of twine or 10 ft. of hemp rope per round, can draw more (150/50) as immediate and gain broken condition
  • Functions as indefinite spell component pounch, can produce up to 50gp of exotic components/day

Armor Crystal

Greater Crystal of Arrow Deflection (5,000gp)
+5 vs ranged attacks, deflect on ranged attack per round

Chest – Vest of Awesome (38,500gp)
Vest of Resistance +5 (25,000gp), Quickrunner’s Shirt (1,000gp), Tunic of Careful Casting (5,000gp), Vest of Surgery (3,000gp)

  • +5 Resistance bonus on all saves
  • 1/day as swift action, take extra move action
  • +2 bonus to Concentration checks
  • 1/day, DC 20 Heal check, treat 1d4 Abil damage instead of HP

Shoulders – Weary Traveler’s Cloak (156,150gp)
Muleback Cords (1,000gp), Quickchange Cloak (1,500gp), Treeform Cloak (6,000gp), Continual Cloak of Displacement (120,000gp), Comfort’s Cloak (15,600gp)

  • Str considered 8 higher for carrying capacity
  • Can store 3 mundane disguises to reapply later w/ Disguise check
  • 1/day assume tree shape as per spell, heal 1d6 damage for each hour in sunlight
  • Displacement indefinitely
  • Constant endure elements, +4 Com vs disease/energy drain/fatigue/exhaustion/poisons, heal 2xHD / hour slept

Hands – Deadly Workman’s Gloves (160,050gp)
Gloves of Arrow Snaring (4,000gp), Devastation Gauntlets (2,000gp), Gloves of Fortune Striking (2,000gp), Engineer’s Workgloves (3,000gp), Glove of Storing (10,000gp), Gloves of Shaping (10,000gp), Apprentice’s Cheating Gloves (2,200gp), Deliquescent Gloves (8,000gp), Glove of Storing (10,000gp), Gloves of the Shortened Path (27,000gp), Glowing Glove (2,000gp), Magnetist’s Gloves (6,000gp), Vampiric Gloves (18,000gp), Gauntlet of Rust (11,500gp)

  • Use Snatch Arrows 2/day
  • As an immediate action reroll an attack roll before you know whether or not it succeeds
  • On crit, 1 charge for +2d6 / 2 charges for +3d6 / 3 charges for +4d6
  • +5 Comp bonus to craft and knowledge checks to understand mechanical devices; 1/day know exactly what a device does
  • Store an item of up to 20 lbs, retrieve/dismiss as a free action
  • Shape 1 cubic foot of hardness 8 or lower material per round, treat other materials as half hardness
  • Mage hand and prestidigitation at will
  • Unarmed/melee weapon gain corrosives quality
  • Store 20 lb item in glove
  • 1/day, target sqr w/in LoS as if adjacent to for 10 rnds (switch as swift)
  • As a standard action, leave glowing handprint that sheds light like a candle
  • 3/day as std, can attempt to disarm at 30 ft.
  • 3/day, use Vampiric Touch and Bleed, VT range of 30 ft if target dying/bleeding (save charge on miss), VT can stop bleeding
  • 1/day rustring grasp per spell, completely protects from Rust

Wrists – Bracers of the Risen (97,450gp)
Bracers of Archery, Greater (25,000gp), Arrowmaster’s Bracers (13,900gp), Bracers of Steadiness (2,000gp), Seducer’s Bane (9,900gp), Spellguard Bracers (5,000gp), Vambracers of Defense (6,000gp), Bracers of the Avenging Knight (11,500gp)

  • +2 Competence bonus on attack rolls with guns, +1 Competence bonus on damage rolls
  • DR 5/magic vs ranged weapons, +1 deflection vs ranged atks, 1/day as swift gain +20 to next ranged atk
  • when taking 20 on a skill that mostly involves hands/arms, +5 Comp bonus on skill
  • +5 Com Sense Motive, +5 Res Wil vs Enchantments, caster believes he succeeded and creates aura to Detect Magic
  • +2 bonus on Concentrate to cast defensively, 3/day roll twice to cast defensively and take better result
  • +1 Def to AC, 1/day as imm w/ one hand free deflect atk from ranged weapons as per Deflect Arrows
  • Smite as though 4 levels higher

Waist – Warrior Priest Wrap (345,975gp)
Healing Belt (750gp), Belt of Battle (12,000gp), Incredible Physical Perfection +6 (144,000gp), Continual Lesser Vigor (2,500gp), Belt of Stoneskin (60,000gp), Belt of Thunderous Charge (10,000gp), Heavyload Belt (2,000gp), Belt of Teeth (4,000gp), Beneficial Bandolier (1,000gp), Minotaur Belt (7,000gp), Monkey Belt (5,400gp), Blinkback Belt (5,000gp), Sash of Flowing Water (25,000gp)

  • Heal 2d8 (1 charge), 3d8 (2 charges) or 4d8 (3 charges) with 3 charges per day
  • 1 charge (move action), 2 charges (standard action), 3 charges (full round action) as swift
  • Continual fast healing 1
  • +6 to all phsyical stats
  • Grants DR 10/adamantine, absorbs 100 pts of damage
  • On charge, +2 bull rush / overrun, on charge melee/natural weapon deals dam as if 1 higher
  • Permanent ant haul spell
  • When creature provokes w/in 5 ft, belt makes bite atk per creature size w/ Str and +4 comp bonus
  • Slots for 200 rounds of ammo, weight does not change
  • Ignore difficult terrain while charging/overrun/bull rush/trample
  • Retain Dex to AC while climbing, no -5 to climb @ half, transform into prehensile tail
  • Holds 2 1-handed weapons or 4 Light weapons, drawn and thrown teleports back to sheathe
    with one hand free
  • Rroll unarmed atk roll vs atk to deflect it, take -4 to hit regardless of success

Ring 1 – Ring of the Able Gunsman (121,010gp)
Ring of Protection +5 (50,000gp), Friendship (10,800gp), Feather Falling (2,200gp), Mind Shielding (8,000gp), Grit Mastery (6,840gp), Ring of Energy Shroud (19,500gp)

  • Automatic Feather Fall if dropping more than 5 feet
  • +5 Deflection bonus to AC
  • Immune to detect thoughts, discern lies, any magical attempt to discern alignment
  • Store up to 2 grit points, 1/day spend 1 grit to grant +2 to Init or as std spend 2 grit to activate bullet shield (as per spell)
  • Functions as minor ring of energy resistance, 1/day can negate elemental damage for self and transform it into elemental aura (as per the spell)

Ring 2 – Ring of Indefinite Preparation (201,000gp)
Ring of Freedom of Movement (40,000gp), Evasion (25,000gp), Mystic Healing (3,500gp), Sustenance (2,500gp), Blinking (27,000gp), Inner Fortitude Major (42,000gp), Force Fangs (8,000gp)

  • Provided with nourishment, only sleep 2 hours per day
  • +1 Competence bonus to caster level checks for Healing spells with 3 charges per day that heal an additional 2d6 (1 charge), 3d6 (2 charges) or 4d6 (3 charges)
  • Negates any force spell or force spell-like ability targeted at the wearer gaining 1 charge per level, caps at 9 and stops absorbing at cap, can cast magic missile @ one per charge (max 5)
  • Negates 6 ability drain and 3 ability damage (works on all abilities if multiple abilities targeted)
  • Continual Blink, Greater (Read action to go ethereal vs attack, phase through solid objects and only take damage if movement ended in object, Physical Attacks 50% miss [20% if see invisible or hit ethereal, none if both], Spells suffer same failure as physical attacks, +2 on attacks if creature cannot see invisible creatures, Force effects bypass)

Feet – Steps of a Thousand Princes (143,650gp)
Boots of Speed (12,000gp), Anklet of Translocation (1,400gp), Boots of Teleportation (49,000gp), Feather Step Slippers (2,000gp), Jaunt Boots (7,200gp), Boots of Springing and Striding (5,500gp), Boots of Enduring March (1,500gp), Boots of Escape (8,000gp), Boots of the Cat (1,000gp), Shoes of the Lightning Leaper (10,500gp), Tremor Boos (10,000gp), Sandals of Quick Reaction (4,000gp)

  • Hasted for 10 rounds per day as a free action
  • Teleport 10 ft twice per day as a swift action
  • Teleport 3/day
  • Take a 5 ft step in difficult terrain
  • 3/day, move up to 15 ft when you take a 5 ft adjust
  • Increase base land speed +10 ft., +5 Comp Acrobatics
  • Forced march DC = 10+1/hr after 8 hrs, if fail, take 1d4 nonlethal instead of becoming fatigued on first missed check
  • 1/day when grappled/pinned/entangled, move to any spot w/in 30 ft as per dimensional door (400 ft. if gnome)
  • Take min damage from falls, always land on feet
  • 1/day turn into lightning, move 50 ft, doesn’t provoke, all in path take 6d6 per lightning bolt spell
  • Tremorsense 20 ft. while on solid ground
  • If acting in surprise round, can take standand and move action

Handy Haversack (2,000gp), Everlasting Rations (350gp), Everfull Mug (200gp), Rope of Climbing (3,000gp), Store of Alarm (2,700gp), Magic Bedroll (3,000gp), Lesser Crystal of Oni Slaying, Pectoral of Maneuverability, Bead of Healing, Bead of Karma

Pack Gear
Silver Holy Symbol (25gp), Powder Horn (3gp), Bullets 100 (100gp), Medium Tent (15gp), Signal Whistle (0.8gp), Chalk (10 pieces, 1gp), Caltrops (1gp), Explorer’s Outfit (10gp), Traveler’s Outfit (1gp), Hot Weather Outfit (8gp), Spell Component Pouch (5gp), Starter Flintlock Pistol, 20 black powder shots, flint and steel, noble outfit, everburning torch, 2 gold bracelets, Book of Iomeday (+4 equipment bonus on Knowledge[Religion] checks about her), weaver’s crest, focus to scry, Masterwork Artisan Tools, Coin of Good Luck (20,000gp)

Second Pack Gear
Handy Haversack, Gunsmith Kit

Potion of Remove Paralysis, Potion of Gaseous Form

Scroll of Neutralize Poison x2, Scroll of Remove Paralysis x3, Scroll of Lesser Restoration x3

Wand of Bless (10 charges), Wand of Cure Moderate (10 charges),

Want List

Eye Slot
Truesight Goggles (184,400gp)
Continual true seeing

Feet Slot

Slippers of the Triton (56,000gp)
Breathe underwater, gain 30 ft swim speed

Armor Mods

Energy Resistance (+18/42/66,000) – provides 10/20/30 ER.

Righteous (+27,000gp) – 1/day gain Righteous Might (per spell) for 10 rounds


Ring of Continuation (56,000gp) – spell with range of personal lasts 24 hours or until another spell with the range of personal is cast.

Ring of Craft Magic (12,000gp) – make Craft in place of Spellcraft to identify appropriate item, can expend spell slot for bonus to Craft or Profession check

Ring of Curing (10,000gp) – all maximums and level-dependent effects of a conjuration (healing) spell are increased by 2

Ring of Foe Focus (10,000gp) – at will, gain +2 AC and Saves against one enemy

Ring of Return (33,600gp) – 3/day as move, form link with a spot, can teleport to that spot as swift if w/in 100 ft

Ring of Spell Turning (100,000gp) – 3/day on command, turns back next nine levels of spells cast on wearer


Belt of Equilibrium (12,000gp) – don’t move more than 5 ft., ignore penalties of fatigued shaken or sickened


Quick Runner’s Shirt (1,000gp) – once per day take move action to move as swift


Spectacles of Understanding (3,000gp) – function as comprehend languages for written text, +5 Linguistics to identify forgery


Iron Circlet of Guarded Souls (30,000gp) – immune to effects that target souls and effects foiled by nondetection (cannot be overcome by CL check)

Arradon Gear

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