And All Things Will End

A Heavy Cost

Battle commenced, both sides took heavy losses and Hitopia was ultimately destroyed

Declor sent ground troops using air as support, ground troops suffered almost complete casualties (Frenzied Beserker from b-story was among the ranks)

PCs went after flagship after Poe sensed the presence of some part of Arradon’s soul, they encountered another version of him which appeared to be twisted and evil

PCs managed to kill everyone aboard the ship, but Re’Ell Sul’Tien escaped by jumping over the rail

PCs managed to rig up a toe for the airship after looting Hitopia for supplies and captured a handful of goblin workers (Bodgers mostly) aboard the airship

PCs managed to engage in an epic ship-to-ship combat with the airship pursuing Hitopian refugees and destroyed the ship with zero collateral damage

PCs traveled to Jake to move some items, were confronted by a group representing a mysterious organization known as The Collective who has ties with all countries

From there, PCs escorted Courtessa to Athlanthar (surrounded in a giant Adamantine dome, 50gp to get in, prices are 150% on all items)

Samurai found Courtessa to be less than genuine in her goodbyes (soulless possibly?) when they parted ways, dropping her off at a druid redoubt within the city with the Artifact

PCs purchased magic items, Besh finished CRAFTING ALL THE THINGS!

A Hero Will Lead Us

PCs leave with Tauben caravan and trek through the jungle in a 3 day journey to the wooded elven city of Hitopia

PCs defeat a 5 headed hydra and a 5 headed pyro hydra, both of which were from the elven city of Dimsdale(?) and appeared near opened cages that seemed to have been dropped from airships

Upon arriving, PCs learned that caravan was to supply elves for a war they were vastly outnumbered and unprepared for with massive price gouges

PCs butted their way into the elven affairs and helped the elf leader Grizland McCullen (8/10th Level Druid) come up with a plan to defeat the incoming army but at a heavy cost: destroying a large portion of the nearby forest

Besh found a seafolk Elf and invented a water suit that she could walk around with, the Elf held a magic item that was a portal to the fountain of life which is why the city flourished… the Elf asked to go with the PCs to take an air ship

PCs made plans to take one of the airships and hopefully draw a few ships away from the elven city in addition to securing new passage for themselves

The army arrived a day early, the elven leader Grizland was attacked by assassins who were easily bested

PCs plan is to use the spell Camouflage and Overland Flight to get aboard a vessel on the rear flank and take the ship

All Good Things

PCs meet up when Besh is pursued by a local militia group and defeat them easily while sparing the leader (who comes back in the second game, but decide to leave the PCs alone after seeing they easily overcame a 5 headed hydra)

PCs find a bounty for a hyrda and decide to pursue it after getting hired on as a caravan escort by a Tauben caravan, the leader of which is supposedly Tauben’s daughter

PCs start in the city of Jake where the price of metal items is at market value. PCs are traveling to elven city _______________ where natural made good (non-metal) are at 50% market value (in part because of abundant resources, but also because they’re selling as much as they can to buy metal arms for the oncoming army assault)

Besh, Dom and Arradon spend a little time getting to know one another and Besh springs for them all to stay in a nice hotel room since they helped fend off her attackers

Dom is completing a spiritual journey at the behest of his master to experience the world, wherever that might take him, and had a vision foretelling the partnership of his new found friends

Besh sneaks from town to town breaking into forges and using them to craft at night but always leaves them in better condition than when she arrived but had previously not committed any major thefts


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