And All Things Will End

To Arms!

Began heading across the sea to meet up with Dr. Cox to get some answers

On the way, we encountered an ocean group near the free port that shot up some signal flares

After a group of ships maintaining some kind of magical storm trapped all of us, they sent up someone to parlay… the tax for passing through an area we weren’t even in the radius of was the cost of our ship which we refused to pay

Ship combat ensured with another ship that could magically fly, two ships on the ground were trying to keep pace and one of them wound up crashing on an island

We barely beat the other flying ship and took some serious damage to the ship which we were trying to patch up

Jimmy the Shiv ran onto the enemy vessel to blow it up but on a technicality Martin said they couldn’t have come full circle and rammed us like they planned since the pilot can only take one action which means there wouldn’t have been ship combat (and they couldn’t have rammed us a second time) so we would’ve circled one another picking each other off essentially

Martin planning to amend the ship exploding to us simply taking the vessel which means we can hopefully salvage some goods and the impressive cannons that were on board the ship

Besh’s adopted pirate father is believed to be in trouble because a new power has emerged up and united all of the free pirates in the area though we’re not sure who or why but we have reason to believe he’s being manipulated by that individual which means he could be in danger

Left off the game with starting the salvage operation on the flying ship we overcame, repairs on our own ship, and then heading into the free port to see what all the fuss over this new king of the hill is about



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