And All Things Will End

This is War

and War is Hell

PCs arrive in the oriental land to receive a neutral greeting from the Unicorn clan until the Assassin reveals her real mothers name, at which time the PCs are asked to leave the land and head North to the clan of the crab

Assassin’s mother’s lineage is responsible for unleashing all evil in the world (the Oni)

PCs receive a warm welcome from the Crab clan thanks to Domatai whose master was a part of the clan

Crab clan informs the PCs about the war raging around the temple where all of the Shoguns had convened about the encroaching Shadowlands

Crab clan also advises they’ve sold off all their Jade weapons (which are the only thing that prevent Oni regeneration) and Arradon and Besh reveal their alchemy talents which can transmute steel weapons into the swords they need

Arradon leaves his Alchemy Earring with the clansman to hopefully enhance it so that he may return and begin transmuting steel to Jade to be worked by Crab blacksmiths

A gigantic purple storm surrounds the temple with hurricane force winds and none of the clans have intel on what awaits them on the other side

PCs arrive on the other end to find a war in full swing

Domatai takes command and breaks the enemy lines while Arradon snipes off the Oni field commanders

The girls head up to attempt to disable the Doomsday device only to uncover a powerful (possibly demonic) person guarding the clock who sees them despite their invisible stealthiness

They convene in the courtyard for a massive battle at the front gate and beat back the nastiest of the Oni in order to push through and rally the troops to begin siege on the temple

PCs then head up to the BBEG for an epic battle on moving rocks which float up and down, occasionally colliding with one another

PCs uncover that the man was there to unleash Wrath and discover that the Doomsday device (which they aren’t sure how to disable) is actually creating one side of a doorway which leads to the Void though it’s not clear how the Oni are coming through

PCs still have a few more legions to fight through before they can find their way into the heart of the temple where they will hopefully find the Shoguns for all the clans

Arradon claims another piece of his necklace from the Wrath Harbinger bringing the total number of pieces up to seven (three left)

(Besh and Arradon level but there isn’t time to rest in between sessions)



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