And All Things Will End

The Bird and the Worm

PCs are spied on by an assassin that’s been sent to kill Jeremy

The assassin was sent by her own family because their best assassin previously vanished from the Mouse Observatory when attempting to kill him (could the family have known Jeremy’s true identity? If so are they conspiring with Re’Ell to kill Sarenray?)

Besh, the box Goblin and the assassin became nightmares but Arradon used remove curse to snap them out of it (except for the Goblin who we beat into unconsciousness)

Sneaking around outside we confronted Jeremy and hit him with protection from evil which disabled him (the theory was that he was possessed)

From the fog a Worm that Walks appeared and gave the PCs quite the fight… thankfully no villagers were killed during the battle as the PCs were able to subdue them all without killing them

PCs later find out from Gideon that the Worm that Walks isn’t actually dead and that Beatrice, who was missing the next morning, was actually the Worm that Walks

PCs check Beatrice’s room and find the possessions of those that have come to help the Mouse Observatory but have been killed and kept hidden by her (yet Beatrice showed the PCs the Iron Curtain, why?)

Jeremy is actually a golden woman who bears the mark of Pelor as a birthmark on her back and, using her divine magic with ease, identifies herself as a God Seed

PCs head back to Cox’s observatory and use the new star charts to take themselves to the plain of alchemy where they meet an alchemical copy of Cainan who is gone, locked away behind a seal of some sort that was supposed to be released but never was (and had no actually helpful information, but was willing to teach us alchemy which is neat)

PCs head back to the plane of Iomeday and Arradon confirms his suspicions and theories about what’s happening in the world

Arradon begins sewing seeds for the worship of Iomeday in Freeport so that he can muster the divine power to combat Re’Ell if the two ascend at once and also learns that there are ten pieces to the necklace (only 3 of which are currently in his possession)

PCs learn the location of two artifacts, one of which is said to be able to charge the battery and another is some kind of natural (maybe alchemical?) pool capable of altering humans invented by Fenris Blackheart

Session ends with a giant pillar of negative energy coming from the Oriental lands from Re’Ell



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