And All Things Will End

New Friends, Old Enemies

In Athlanthar, crew gets a request from Dre’s son to take a job. Sulless(sp?) has an obvious disdain for Dre which the party later learns was because of squabble between the two of them at his master’s dojo. He attempts to offer the PCs 5K instead of the 20K he was authorized to, but the crew shuts that down.

Learning that Lady Bartel herself reached out to Dre, the PCs are well received by her and gather some information about the upcoming task. Her son was born soulless and while she accepted that, it’s learned that there was a church in town that was “returning souls” for the price of 20K gp. Her son volunteered but has changed since he returned. In particular, he’s forgotten passwords and become more demanding of money.

PCs investigate this Church to learn that it’s being run by someone known as the Herald (Evangelist) who claims to be a priest of Iomeday. When inquiring about the Herald, the PCs were met with a harsh spurn and asked to leave. The Herald has two powerful assistants known as the Oracle (Cleric 6 / Radiant Servant 4) and the Vanguard(Fighter 5 / Pious Templar 5) who are both powerful in their own right.

While Arradon and Domati are on the tour, Besh sneaks in and discovers a contraption designed to swap the person undergoing the ceremony and another person via a flipping table with while shielded by spouts of fire.

PCs run into some old friends from the The Collective, namely Charles Von Garret and Buhwawa(sp?), who have picked up two new comrades and are investigating the God Spark which they believe are tied to the church. After some parlay and an apology to Besh, the two groups join forces to sneak through the sewers at night to try and find the imprisoned victims of the ceremony farse. The group’s gnome puts together that native to the swamp where the warriors are from is a group of beings with the ability to supernaturally assume the appearance and voice of any person after studying them.

The crew puts their number at about 50 soldiers with 2 10th level characters and are expecting combat upon arriving but can hopefully free the captives. Moreover, Poe detected a piece of Arradon’s soul somewhere nearby which he has yet to find.



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