And All Things Will End

Gate to Heaven

PCs are greeted at the domain of Perry Cox by his personal cruiser, turns out his observatory had a key component (the occulus) taken a little while back… the city of free port was a distraction so that Cox would send his elite and leave the occulus unguarded

Cox gave Arradon a piece of his amulet and unlocked the ability for him to create miracles from latent good energy within the prime material plane, which he used to restore the occulus

PCs were able to then project their souls onto other planes, visiting the plane of Iomeday first to have a few questions answered. In an attempt to hit the plane of Alchemy, PCs traveled to the plane of magic (which no diety resided in, the plane spoke to them directly and was only interested in knowledge) then another plane with a would-be pirate God who had no worshipers and was all alone. Before they accidentally hit a plane that would be less hospitable, the PCs quit messing around.

Cox died while his soul was beyond the iron curtain which allowed his soul to be sent to his deity’s home plane which alerted the PCs to the fact that the Occulus has the ability to “channel” souls

Ship headed over the glass plane and Arradon restored Charles’ sister to life even though Charles was having a melt down. Regardless, Besh convinced him to stay (and snap out of his funk) and his sister was dropped off at Free Port without her meeting him.

PCs headed to another observatory with an unusual problem. A curse lay on the entire building which prevented anyone from dying and they are unable to leave. A mysterious kid named Jeremy haunts the buildings and is the only arcane spell caster, the PCs found a trail of blood and illusion-covered writings which read “I’m not afraid” over and over again.

After duping the captain, the head researcher lead the PCs to the telescope and pointed out that the stars were not aligned the way they should be. She then pointed out that the sky was not the sky, and instead the world was encased in a giant mechanika dome, the inside of which was programmed to simulate the sky but the star charts were off after a hundred or so years.

Here’s what I figured out so far:

• All of the Dieties are dead, the God Killer managed to destroy them all

• All of the remaining “dieties” are in fact demigods, and since the steel curtain prevents contact with the material plane none of the dieties are able to receive worship which means none of them will ever ascend to Godhood

• God Killer might be dead out of the need to slay herself after all other Gods were dead and she erected the Iron Curtain

• The God of Alchemy is still alive since he never became a God (stayed at Demigodhood) out of respect for his former friend, the God Killer

• Pelor was thought to have survived since Cox claims he was able to commune with him but we’re not sure how
• Could have been Sarenray instead of Cox

• All of the deity planes are still there but completely empty

• Arradon may actually be Iomeday herself who shattered her divine power to exist in the world of mortals so that, after the iron curtain was erected, she could recover pieces of her soul and re-emerge

• Arradon’s opposite probably is an evil deity with a similar plan, and the two of them are literally racing to ascend once more

• Evil Guy probably wants the battery (which is why he’s looking for Alpha because she was the last known one to have it) and if he’s able to capture it then ascend to Godhood he would be unstoppable

• Evil Guy probably took occulus because of it’s ability to channel souls which he could then use to funnel souls into his home plane which, upon bringing down the curtain and after stripping all the souls in the prime material plane, would make him the only deity with worshippers and thus the most powerful

• Still not quite sure how the God Spark fits into it except as another means of power, if everyone in the Prime Material is soulless then the Godspark would have no choice but to bond with the only remaining person with a soul assuming, of course, it decided not to

• Another possibility is that imbuing Alpha with the Godspark could give her enough power to crush the Iron Curtain, but once that happens worship would exist once more which could propel Mr. Evil into power (especially if he’s in possession of the battery at the time)

• The armies of heaven were probably wiped out attempting to slay the God Killer and the armies of hell were wiped out by the Brothers of Metal

• Brothers of Metal were apparently sweeping the world looking for the infiltrators of Azmodeous to prevent him from obtaining the battery, they were just crushing everyone in the process

• The lighting rail gun could have also been used to destroy the battery itself but no one knows why and Eric Adams isn’t around anymore for anyone to ask



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