And All Things Will End

Breaking and Entering

Salvage cannons and supplies from other ship, return Pirate King’s ship to him

Super Gunner chick decides to stay on board for the time being

PCs hatch a plan to break into Pirate King’s base

PCs successfully infiltrate but he’s waiting for them, a woman comes in and start flinging spells

Re’Ell Sul’Tien comes in and starts kicking ass

PCs manage to subdue the pirate king, kill the woman, chase off Re’Ell Sul’Tien, and kill a lot of pirates in the mean time

Pirate King gets taken aboard our ship, Arradon hits him with a Dispel and breaks the Dominate Person currently held on him . . . Re’Ell Sul’Tien was probably duping the Pirate King

PCs tell Von Garrett that his sister was the woman who attacked them and give him her possessions and body to do with as he sees fit after a lengthy apology

Pirate King sends PCs on their way toward Perry Cox’s observatory

Arradon sees Re’Ell Sul’Tien attempting to pray as well somewhere in the oriental lands

Arradon knows Re’Ell Sul’Tien is probably one or two pieces ahead of Arradon in putting the amulet back together



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